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How can I get the best health insurance?

  1. Enter information about the person to be insured.
  2. Our calculator displays the best insurance rates.
  3. Choose the product that suits your needs.
  4. Pay and receive your contract immediately via email.
    You can pay your insurance online, in cash or via bank transfer.

How can I be sure when buying insurance online?

Our company is a licensed insurance broker and insurance agent. We received our license from The National Bank of Czech Republic. We activelly cooperate with all of the insurance companies whose products are featured on this site.


What is emergency care medical insurance?

Emergency care medical insurance covers unexpected injuries or medical conditions that may be potentially life threatening and require immediate medical attention. Such cases are usually caused by accidents or suddent onset of accute health problems and can be potentially life threatening.

What is comprehensive health insurance?

Comprehensive health insurance covers preventive health care that includes regular visits to your doctor, dental care and other medical services.This type of insurance can be used in your daily life practically in the same way in which czech citizens use their state sponsored health insurance.

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